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hi, my name is dr. w. s. powell. i am a certified obgyn physician, and have been for thirty plus years. with a maturing family, two children in college, and a demanding medical career; i was living what some would call “the american dream”, but quickly discovered that it was not necessarily my dream.

seemingly, out of nowhere, i was diagnosed with left facial nerve shingles! i discovered that while i was taking care of my patients’ health, i wasn’t taking care of mine. ironic, right? i had to put a pause on my busy life, and recover from this painful threat to my face and left eye! on my journey to recovery, i discovered the institute of integrative nutrition (inn), the world’s largest nutrition school. i immediately enrolled and embraced the concept of taking charge of my mental, physical, and emotional health.

my new perspective is that diet, work, relationships, stress, creativity, home environment, and spiritually all play pivotal roles in our health. this is not an easy perspective to have because our healthcare system is so “take a pill,” “knee replacement surgery,” and “gastric bypass” driven. with so many advances in healthcare, that are without a doubt spectacular; they have also created a lack of understanding about the chronic diseases that plague us and their link to our industrialized lifestyle. i wish to enlighten and encourage the pursuit of genuine wellness through a diet based on real, wholesome nutrition, meditation, and natural remedies.

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