Hey Doc, What’s this about being a Health Coach?

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well, first let’s start with me, the doctor. i morphed into this doctor persona by the long, hard 12 year path; college, medical school, and finally residency training. becoming dr. powell was how i blended my nurturing side with my need to earn a living. i found as the years passed that it really wasn’t just a profession or a career. it became ‘who’ i was. as an obgyn, real lives were held in my hands, both mother and baby’s. frankly, it’s an inexplicable and unparalleled experience and it was the primary reason i chose my specialty. as the years passed, my need for that adrenalin rush softened. medicine’s focus shifted to more of a business model. i stopped delivering and continued working in women’s health at an awesome community hospital whose mission to serve the poor and uninsured resonated with me. surprisingly i’ve been there for 12 years now, too, and it’s never been more fulfilling. so what happened? life happened.

midlife found me overweight, with two children of my own, as well as with several, not so welcome, chronic medical problems. i had evolved into the classic, busy professional; working hard and playing harder, over stressed, chronically sleep deprived, dehydrated and eating poorly. nonetheless, i sought help from my fellow physicians who put me on the latest and greatest medications. none of my physicians thought of me other than as one of my illnesses. when i developed a painful and frightening case of facial shingles, i was finally ready to listen to what the universe was trying to tell me. i found the institute of integrative nutrition, enrolled, and completely revolutionized my thoughts on health and nutrition. i will soon be a certified health coach in may of this year, 2015 and am already putting my new knowledge to good use.

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