Reclaiming Your Health

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more than 85% of the women who pass through my office doors are obese and/or overweight. they are aware and concerned, and have usually tried more than one “diet program” to lose weight. i know, because i ask them, ”what are you doing about your weight?” most have given up, frustrated that even if they managed to lose a few pounds in the past, they just can not sustain it and keep the weight off. they are worried about becoming diabetic like mom or dad. or if already diabetic or hypertensive, they are eager to get off their medications because of the annoying side effects; leg cramps, decreased sex drive, dry mouth, and, frequent urination, just to name a few.

when i talk to my patients, i can now offer them a solid program for reclaiming their health, getting off their medications, and losing unwanted weight. the institute of integrative nutrition (iin) taught me about primary food; one’s job or career, relationships, finances, stress management, spirituality, home environment, and physical activity all play a primary role in personal well-being and health. secondary food, what we eat, becomes important too. we can be vibrant and disease free well into our 90’s. diet and lifestyle changes make all the difference. as a newly minted health coach i have helped myself lose weight and a few bad habits with excellent results. it works and i know many more who can tell you the same thing about their amazing results. it may not be rocket science or sexy, and it won’t put money in big pharma’s pocket. would it be ok if i showed you how to not just lose weight but maintain the loss? most people get excited when they find out they can eat real food, improve their health, and save money. would it be ok if i showed you how to take back your health care, putting it into your own hands where it belongs? that’s what coaching is all about. giving you the support and guidance you need in order to make better food and lifestyle choices. so tell me your concerns. i want to hear your story because, now, i am listening.

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