Aging Without Alzheimer’s

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i just heard another public radio physician get it wrong about food and the obesity epidemic. it is nothing short of ‘mind-blowing’ how the medical community refuses to know about nutrition and our health! “eating a low fat diet and getting exercise is the answer to the obesity problem in this country” wrong, wrong and more wrong! and here is data from one of our peer review journals that totally debunks the old “low fat” is good for you myth particularly in the area of aging and alzheimer’s. a study published in the new england journal of medicine, august 8, 2013, page 540 talks about how glucose levels (that’s blood sugar levels) are the most powerful risk factor for dementia! blood glucose is directly related to the simple carbohydrates and processed foods in our diets. this study had over two thousand participants, many of whom were not officially diabetic but who had only moderate blood sugar levels (105 to 110 range). the findings showed these participants still showed significant mental decline!

it has also been demonstrated that diets high in carbohydrates and sugar revealed an 89% increased risk of dementia. (journal of alzheimer’s disease, jan. 2012) contrast that to a diet high in healthy fats that showed a 44% reduction in the risk of dementia. i’m talking about eating coconut oil, olive oil, free range eggs, nuts and seeds, avocados and wild fish or grass fed beef. these healthy fats are absolutely what the brain runs on. eating “low fat” is not only tasteless, but the missing fat gets replaced with, you guessed it, carbohydrates!

there is no cure for this dreaded disease of lost memories and cognitive functional decline. why spend thousands of research dollars looking for a magic pill when we already know the answer? we have done the research. eat whole foods and healthy fats. and by the way, you not only grow older with your brain function in tact; you also maintain a healthy body weight because you have the insight and energy to move, to travel, to start that other career that you’ve been putting off. you are disease free and growing older because you are just living longer!

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