Nooks and Crannies

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it’s spring! longer and warmer days, budding flowers and trees filled with birds and their tweeting, warbling birdsongs. it’s that time again for spring cleaning, detoxing and getting the house, body, and mind ready for the coming summer’s activities. we get to be outdoors to enjoy the sun, increase our energy and shed those unwanted winter pounds and belly fat.
i’m often asked, “how do you find the time? how do you do all that you do with your fulltime gyn practice and your new health coaching business?” well, i just put things into my nooks and crannies. we all can find those small pockets of time; like waiting for an appointment at the dentist or doctor’s office, or even the hour before or after dinner, or the time spent sitting in front of the computer. i read my book club book at the dentist. i change after work into my power walking gear and drive to kelly drive for my walk/run so i don’t miss that time before dinner and can still grab the late afternoon, gorgeous sunshine i’ve missed by being cooped up in my office all day. back home at my computer, i do my fascia stretches for my neck and shoulders while listening to my video course or while reading my email.
i make my lunch for work the night before, and in the morning i grab a green smoothie fortified with protein powder for breakfast. in the car, on the way to work, i listen to educational or inspirational cds for my university on wheels experience. in the evening, i don’t watch tv news or programs because i don’t want “television-telling my vision.” i make a conscious choice about the information that gets into my mind. i want upbeat and positive which will translate into positive thoughts, positive feelings and then positive actions.
so, watch out for your nooks and crannies as they can be lost or wasted or overlooked. fill them instead with positive, productive, self-care and goal oriented tasks. be sure to stay focused because distractions abound. here’s a lesson i still have to be reminded of on occasion; just say “no.” other’s will ask things of you for their agenda that pull you away from yours. politely say, “thanks for thinking of me, but no, i can’t.” those seemingly insignificant little pockets of time do add up to some really awesome results. just remember they are your nooks and crannies!

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