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Why Sugar Metabolism, Cinnamon, and other Nutrients are so Important

First let's start off with the basics: What is Sugar Metabolism?

Based on research from livestrong.com, we've found that Sugar Metabolism is a carbohydrate metabolism that cycles throughout a few simple steps. First, the Sugar Metabolism breaks down the glucose and turns it into energy. Then, the glucose that isn't converted right away is stored for later use. As your body decides it needs to break into that glucose reserve, the process starts all over again. This all takes place your small intestine, liver, and muscles, but the important thing to remember is blood sugar and how to keep control of it.

In the last few years, research has suggested that Cinnamon may be used to lower blood sugar level in many diagnosed with diabetes. Mayo Clinic stated that a 90-day  regiment of 500 mg, twice a day improved the hemoglobin levels of those with type 2 diabetes. What does this mean for us? For now, Web MD tells us that cinnamon is beneficial, it's just to what extent that is unclear.

While we're waiting on the results of the exact benefits of cinnamon, here are some other nutrients to add to your diet: 7 Nutrients Your Diet May Be Missing 

For more research check out these great sites!

-Mayo Clinic 

-Web MD



Nooks and Crannies

It’s Spring! Longer and warmer days, budding flowers and trees filled with birds and their tweeting, warbling birdsongs. It’s that time again for spring cleaning, detoxing and getting the house, body, and mind ready for the coming summer’s activities. We get to be outdoors to enjoy the sun, increase our energy and shed those unwanted winter pounds and belly fat.


Aging Without Alzheimer's

I just heard another public radio physician get it wrong about food and the obesity epidemic. It is nothing short of ‘mind-blowing’ how the medical community refuses to know about nutrition and our health! “Eating a low fat diet and getting exercise is the answer to the obesity problem in this country” Wrong, wrong and more wrong! And here is data from one of our peer review journals that totally debunks the old “low fat” is good for you myth particularly in the area of aging and Alzheimer's. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, August 8, 2013, page 540 talks about how GLUCOSE levels (that’s blood sugar levels) are the MOST powerful risk factor for dementia! Blood glucose is directly related to the simple carbohydrates and processed foods in our diets. This study had over two thousand participants, many of whom were not officially diabetic but who had only moderate blood sugar levels (105 to 110 range). The findings showed these participants still showed significant mental decline!


New Horizons

Spring is finally here, and I’ve been looking forward to gardening again! Last summer; rosemary, lemon thyme, and basil were a delicious success. Perhaps I’ll try something different this year by adding zucchini, tomatoes, kale and chives into the mix. I am pleased to have this new horizon for my flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Cooking with my own homegrown vegetables and herbs adds a special vibe to my family’s meals. Family and friends jokingly call me “Farmer Sy,” and I get it. Cooking for my family becomes a joy because I am sharing wellness and love with them.